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Let's talk about a good latte.

Lattes. Ah my favourite coffee, a delicious blend of espresso and steamed milk, usually served in a small glass. A good skinny latte makes my heart smile, a bad one well it makes me quite sad. So what makes a good latte (or in my case skinny latte)? A few things, firstly the grind. If the grind of the coffee beans is off balance, it will ruin any coffee it makes, whether it's a latte, capp, flat white or long black, so this is essential for a coffee to be good. Next, the milk - it needs to be at the perfect temperature. It needs to be hot at the first sip and slowly cool down, it cannot be burnt. The froth needs to be smooth and silky, not foamy as it gives the coffee an awful taste. Finally the size - believe it or not but I find ordering a small latte tastes a lot better than a large, this could be my opinion alone however try it and see what you think.

So where can you find a perfect coffee? I'm only familiar with Melbourne spots, so for those of you who are not from Melbourne may have to come down here to try it! Here are my top 5 places for an ultimate latte (or skinny latte)

1. Mr Tulk - 304 Swanston Street Walk, Melbourne Victoria 3000

2. Sensory Lab - 297 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

3. Capital Kitchen - Shop G043, Chadstone Shopping Centre Vic 3148

4. The Nest Cafe - 1 Waterside Drive, Waterways, VIC 3195

5. Michel's Patisserie - most shopping complexes, believe it or not but for a quick cheap coffee, these guys do a great latte.

Try these coffees yourselves and let me know what you think. And if you were wondering what treat goes well with a latte, my favourite is almond biscotti or shortbread, you don't want anything too overpowering that it takes away from the taste of the coffee itself.

Image: LaBranĉaro

Review: Cookie Bar & Restaurant, Melbourne