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Review: Cookie Bar & Restaurant, Melbourne

So this is my first review for those of you keeping count! On the 30th December 2010, I (along with a few friends) ventured out to Swanston Street, in the heart of the Melbourne CBD to experience something a little bit different, a Thai restaurant in the midst of a very popular beer bar. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect however the experience was definitely one to remember. Imagine this; you walk in to a low-lit bar serving beer, cocktails and spirits. Bar stools are visible and the section is quite full with people queuing up to taste some exquisite German beer served in an unusual shaped glass. You then veer off to the left a little and you see what looks like a room separator. You're welcomed by the host and taken to your seats, at first glance I'll be honest, the place doesn't really look.. "classy," however that probably isn't the look they were going for.

We were seated, and had some friendly chat with one of the many wonderful staff members (yes, the service here was PHENOMENAL!). When ready to order, the staff members were very clued into what each dish was, whether it contained coriander or not (yes, I dislike the herb!), and recommended what drink would suit the dish according to the spice levels of the dish.

The food was delicious, and I am not a huge fan of Thai food so this is big for me. I asked for minimal chili in my dish and that's exactly what I got. The food was portioned well for each person and the prices were very reasonable. The ambiance of the place was perfect for its setting, but for me, the one thing that set it a part was the service - it was exceptionally good. If you're a fan of beer and Thai then this place is a haven for you, however if you are up for some good quality Thai food, and great service then it's a visit to Cookie Bar & Restaurant is a must.

Image: Mariana Oliphant

Address: 1/252 Swanston St, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9663-7660
Style: Cocktail/Wine Bar
Hours: Noon-3am daily
Website: www.cookie.net.au

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