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Review: Cones Ice Cream

It's a hot afternoon, you're strolling along the Hawthorn end of Glenferrie Rd hoping to find a place that does a good ice cream or maybe it's a gelati you're after, actually no it's a iced coffee, or perhaps some crepes? Quite unlikely to find a place that does all that and maybe a little bit more right? Wrong! That's where Cones Ice Cream comes along and completely changes you're view and taste on ice cream cafe's forever. Presented in a very clean (very, very clean) store, Cones boasts a variety of ice creams and gelati, ranging from tim tam, to bounty, to apple sorbet. Their variety of ice cream and gelati's cater to every taste-bud, whether you're after something tangy, or something very chocolatey. The staff are very friendly and allow you to try flavours before you choose to buy them (something I find very comforting in an ice cream store..where the choices are so good!).

The counter area where the crepes, and iced or hot drinks are made is completely open allowing people to watch and see how the staff members prepare the tasty treats. Another thing that Cones does that completely won me over is: LOYALTY CARDS! It's not often that gourmet ice cream stores allow you to purchase a certain amount (in Cones' case 6 ice creams) before you get one free, so it's definitely something nice to see, especially in summer.

Finally, the price range is very reasonable with the prices starting from $3.90 and ranging to up to $8 or $9.00 depending on what ice cream you get. Cones also do a range of cakes, which they have a beautifully presented book to show their wonderful creations. If you're looking for an amazing ice cream place to take some friends over the summer, I would definitely recommend Cones Ice Cream, even if it is a little bit out of your way!

Image: Rochelle Gunaratnam

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