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A While Away In Wallan.

So with the last few days of holidays remaining, Ben (my wonderful other half), and I ventured on a road trip. Driving along the scenic Hume Freeway in Melbourne, we decided to head towards a town called Wallan. Drawn to it by many "I LOVE (heart shape) WALLAN" signs, we went to see exactly what this town had to offer. It's like any other outer suburban town in Melbourne with a slight tinge of country-ness. With the whole day ahead we thought we'd go exploring, so what did we find? Okay, not a lot. Like, almost nothing. However, we did come across a very cute little cafe called "blue denim" (yes, I know what you're thinking but give it a chance!), and to our delight it was just what we needed. The menu was wonderfully priced (and by that I mean light on the wallet), the coffee was fantastic (yes I ordered a skinny latte), and the staff were wonderful.

If you're ever in Wallan it's definitely worth a visit. It's not hard to find as it's the only cafe in the only shopping centre in the town (no, I'm not kidding), and it has the word blue displayed all around its facade.

After our visit to Wallan, Ben and I visited Reedy Creek, Heathcote and Eppalock which provided us with a lot of breathtaking views and a lot of upsetting ones. Our visit to Eppalock was eye-opening, as we saw some first hand damage of the Victorian floods. The damage we saw was nothing compared to the devastation the floods caused in Queensland and other areas of Victoria, however it showed us just how powerful the water can be.

I usually don't do this but I thought I would just this once, below I've posted a few photos from our trip, including some of the damage at Eppalock.Until next time, Rochelle x


Images: Rochelle Gunaratnam





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