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Muffin Break.

Okay, I know I don't usually endorse particular brands without properly reviewing them however I feel the need to do this. They are FANTASTIC. Okay sorry for the over-exaggeration here, but over the last few weeks, I have had nothing but great luck with these muffin/chai latte perfectionists. This post is not dedicated to coffee, or service however to their fairly priced products and their tantalizing creations that play with your taste buds. First tick to them are their loyalty cards. Most places expect you to buy at least eight, nine or ten beverages before receiving a complimentary one for being so "loyal" to their company, however Muffin Break only expect you to pay for four before honouring you with the fifth free. Buy a coffee or chai latte (and can I just say, their chai's are to die for!), once a day and by Friday you'll have accumulated enough brownie points to score a free one.

Next, their muffins. One thing that makes me happy is the calorie conscious and gluten free options. Yes, their normal gigantic sized muffins, served warm with a small dollop of butter are moist, and almost perfect, however it's the weight watcher muffins that really impress me. It's so nice to be able to buy a treat like a muffin and know you can be cheeky, without being too cheeky as the muffins only have 3.3 weight watcher points (which is the equivalent to a snack). What a great addition to the menu!

And finally, I must have mentioned it three or four times in my post now - their chai lattes. They have to be by far one of the best I have ever tasted. Now beware, I like my chai lattes, skinny, vanilla-y and nice and sweeeet, so if that's not your type of chai then you may not enjoy them as much as I do, but I do encourage you to give them a go.

Okay, I had to get that off my chest just to share their wonderfulness with you all. No they are not paying me to say this, although wouldn't it be nice if they did?! Anyway that was all for now - go on try it yourself and tell me if I'm wrong..

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