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Cookies, delicious cookies!

Byron Bay Bake HouseYou know when you find that one cookie that you love and then you find yourself endlessly craving it, or constantly sneaking a bag into your shopping basket, or hiding them from your other half to devour all on your own? That is what I am like with Byron Bay Bakehouse cookies, they are by far, the best cookie I have ever had in my life. Byron Bay Bakehouse is an Australian owned company, baking out of Byron Bay (who guessed that one?), and they have a huge range of cookies that can be found at many supermarkets, cafes and specialty grocers (see here for stockists). They have really great values too, and are diligent in being environmentally friendly, as well as offering gluten free alternatives.

My favourite is the Dotty cookie, a decadent chocolate chip cookie (it's not thin and flimsy - its full of chocolate chunks and fits perfectly in the handbag!), and I have to say, no chocolate chip cookie will ever compare! So next time your out at a cafe or at the supermarkets, I dare you to try this delight as the perfect addition to a warm drink (or of course a cheeky treat), and let me know what you think!

Oh and if you can't find a stockist - you can buy them online here (and have them delivered to your office!)

(That's me enjoying my favourite, the dotty cookie!)

Love x

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