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Muesli that will keep you coming back for more!

I remember the first time I ate Carman's Muesli, I was early for uni and needed a quick snack, so I went into the local Coles and purchased a tub of vanilla yoghurt and a pack of Carman's Classic Fruit Muesli, it was a single pack in a little bowl) and it had the story of how Carolyn  Creswell started Carman's Muesli written around the bowl. The story of where the company began and how much it has grown is truly inspirational, oh and it was the most delicious muesli I had ever had! Since then I have been a very loyal customer to the Carman's brand, and if you've tried their products before you would be too. My favourite muesli is the Classic Fruit Muesli - the combination of toasted muesli, with cinnamon, quality dried fruit and almonds is perfect - I sometimes just eat it out of the box! I am also a huge fan of their muesli bars - the variety is great and they really keep you full for a while, I especially love the Dark Choc Blueberry Superfood Bars and the Classic Fruit & Nut Muesli Biscuit (Rounds), if you haven't tried one you are truly missing out. Their products are all natural and 100% Australian made and owned and their vision is amazing, "to enrich lives every day" - how great is that!

They have a great Facebook page here (make sure you "like" it, you'll thank me later!), where they have weekly competitions, information on their products, stories that people have sent in, recipes and information on where to find their products. The page is regularly updated and has a lot of great information - and if you have a question they will answer it on the page for you, they're very efficient! Their website is also a lot of fun and very interactive, with information on where to buy, FAQ's and you can sign up to their Muesletter!

Give Carman's a try and let me know what you think! x

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