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I love Phillippa's

ImagePhillippa's make some of the most decadent, delicious, natural and nutritious products you will ever find! Phillippa Grogan opened Phillippa's Bakery and Provisions Store in High Street, Armadale in May 1994 and has been growing ever since. What makes Phillippa's different to any other brand out there? Well for one, there isn't any other Australian brand out there quite like them. Their gorgeous bakery boutiques (this is what I like to refer to them as), are filled with the delicate aroma of baked goods, the drifting scent of fresh coffee and the smiles of the friendly and helpful staff members.

They now have four stores in Melbourne and can be found sharing the love at selected Farmer's Markets in Melbourne. Their website is filled with information about Phillippa's beginnings, as well as information about where to buy and a link to sign up to their newsletter. They also can be found here on twitter and are always sharing photos and stories about their great products. You can also purchase their products at Thomas Dux stores, Leo's stores and some special grocers.

Now to my favourite product - well although it is quite a difficult task to pick just one favourite from the extensive range they hold, it would have to be the Belgian Chocolate Brownie. It is one of the most delicious treats, with the perfect balance of chocolate and nuts - in my opinion, it is best enjoyed warm with some vanilla bean ice cream (or chocolate ice cream for an extra hit!).

Give Phillippa's a go and let me know what you think!


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