Rochelle Currie is a Melbourne based creative with a love for travel, design and style. She is also a wife, mum to Willow and musician.

I'm going to Derby Day...WHAT DO I WEAR!

After months and weeks of anticipation, the biggest event of the social calendar has arrived: the Spring Racing Carnival! If you're not sure what to wear, have no fear - there is something for everyone here! Derby Day is traditionally black and white: simple, elegant and chic.

As you can probably tell from my pick of dresses, I am not a fan of strap less dresses ever - unless teamed with a cute cropped jacket or cape! Please don't wear flat shoes, but be realistic in your shoe choice and pick something you can wear for the whole day. Remember to carry some make up essentials (for me that is lip stick, eye liner and concealer), and don't forget your smile!

 Oh and ladies, head wear is a must, as is keeping your shoes on - don't even try to talk your way out of that one.

PS. if you like any of the dresses, click on the picture to purchase! x

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