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La Maison G.H. MUMM

France’s prestigious and glamorous international champagne brand, G.H. MUMM, will once again grace the birdcage with the beautifully red draped marquee to honor the Art of Celebration. This elegant social canvas will be an archive of playful etiquette, rituals and protocols that turn the race that stops a nation, into a celebration. It is G.H. MUMM's third year as the Official Champagne Sponsor of the Melbourne Cup Carnival and it will be an affair to remember, with guests enjoying modern French-inspired canapes by local Melbourne chef Daniel Wilson of Huxtable, while sipping on the crisp and ever so elegant G.H. MUMM champagne!

G.H. MUMM Brand Ambassador, Chris Morrison, explains the G.H. MUMM experience at the Melbourne Cup Carnival, “G.H. MUMM embodies the true culture of champagne and during this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival, we will be bringing to life all of the great rituals and traditions that enhance our enjoyment of a special occasion and turn an event into a celebration. “Just some of the ways guests will experience the Art of Celebration at La Maison G.H. MUMM this year will be the chance to be involved in sabrage, a 200-year-old French tradition invented by Napoleon’s cavalry, as well as enjoy a range of our champagnes served at the optimum temperature from beautiful glass flutes."

Not sure what sabrage is? Here are some pictures of guests having a go in previous years, although I probably wouldn't try this at home..!

For all the fashionista’s out there, Fashion duo, Camilla and Marc, will be the G.H. MUMM Fashion Ambassadors and design a signature gown inspired by G.H. MUMM, which will be worn by the G.H. MUMM hostess throughout the Carnival.

Once again, in true G.H. MUMM style, the marquee will be adorned in red and white. the marquee design embodies the bottle’s red sash; a true icon of G.H. MUMM champagne since the founder decorated each bottle of its “cordon rouge” in 1875. The cordon rouge is a French symbol of excellence and represents the legion of honour, the most prestigious distinction given to individuals by the French President - now there's some interesting history for you!

G.H. MUMM will introduce the Les Mummsiciens, a marching band of eight members adorned in white and red suits who will charm guests with a short performance while delivering the Cuvée of each race day: G.H. MUMM Cordon Rouge served from large formats including the methuselah (6 litre) and salmanazar (9 litre) bottles on Derby Day, G.H. MUMM Vintage 04 on Melbourne Cup Day and G.H. MUMM Rosé (yummy) to celebrate ladies day on Oaks Day - how divine!

Kate Waterhouse, Camilla and Marc, Alex Dimitreades and Skye Leckie will host their own champagne tasting events for their friends within the exclusive Champagne Suite of La Maison G.H. MUMM.

G.H. MUMM want to invite you to join in the Art of Celebration and share your G.H. MUMM moments with the hashtag #artofcelebration. So whether your trackside or not, make sure you savour a glass of G.H. MUMM champagne during the races and share your celebrations!


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