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It's beginning to look a lot like...

November 23rd marks one month to the day, til we all start to frantically worry and stress about what to get for our loved ones, as Christmas will only be two days away. For those of you who do not know, I got married this year (it was the best day of my life), and with weddings come large costs, and with large costs come cost cutting, so this year I am doing something albeit slightly old fashioned, new for me; I am making gifts and decorations.

Now before you pull out your judgemental stares, let me show you in words (and a few pictures) just what I mean. Picture this, a classic and elegant mason jar, decorated in lace with silver accents and a raffia bow, filled with home made truffles, pistachio and cranberry bark or if you're feeling lazy - Malteasers, wrapped chocolate eclairs, Ferrero Rochers or whatever else really tickles your fancy. Also, other alternatives to food are home made bath salts (here is a great recipe - feel free to add dried rose petals) and the one I am most looking forward to making, home made soy candles (here is how to!).

So here is what I have been doing over the last few months - saving old jars - jam jars, pasta sauce jars etc., washing them and storing them away for the festive season, ready to be crafted into elegant and beautiful gifts.

Now for the visuals:

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Mason Jars with Lace

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Gold glitter mason jar - a beautiful decoration!

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See? DIY gifts and decorations aren't just "quirky" or "cheap" they can be beautiful and elegant tokens for our loved ones!


That red sole...

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