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It's the lack of thought that counts!

Ah the annual Kris Kringle debacle, what to buy your colleague whom you barely know for Christmas with the hefty and elaborate budget of $20. The typical "KK" gifts come to mind, a box of chocolate, socks, hand cream, cheap wine and the list goes on. Research has shown that one-third of us throw them away or put them in a desk drawer, never to be seen again.

Paypal has conducted some research into the annual Kris Kringle conundrum and found that 44% of Australians don't like their present (I know I have disliked many of my unfortunate "KK" gifts), and one in five of us re-gift them (yikes)! Despite half of Aussies finding the Kris Kringle shop stressful, we’re still only dedicating a limited amount of energy to it.

In celebration of the profound lack of thought Aussies invest in this Christmas tradition, PayPal has worked with some of its 60,000 Australian retail partners, including Glue, Kogan and eBay, to create InstaKringle.com.au. A one stop shop for Secret Santa gifts, InstaKringle.com.au is set to help people put even less thought into this festive ritual.

All the gifts on this website are $30 or less, and  they offer free wrapping paper and gift tags that you can print from your desk, meaning you literally have to put in minimal effort from the minute you draw your "KK" recipient's name from the hat!

I gave the website a go to see what would come up if I used the site for myself and here are the gifts:

Now these presents most definitely beat the Christmas chocolates, scented soaps and bath salts I've received in the past! So the personality-trait-gift-detector definitely works, these gifts are funny, somewhat useful and definitely a lot more interesting and quirky than a tea-for-one pack or garden gnome. I for one will be giving instakringle the joy of picking a gift for my KK - besides if they hate the gift, you can blame someone else!


Images via: www.instakringle.com.au

Note: The research was conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of PayPal in October 2012, involving a representative sample of over 1,000 respondents from across Australia.

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