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What to do with a Christmas Tree?

So tomorrow marks the 1st December - the day for the Christmas tree to go up, and I have to say I am very excited and slightly nervous about this exciting occasion. Excited because it's Christmas, the first official day of Summer (although with that ridiculous heat wave yesterday you could almost say Summer arrived two days early), it's my first Christmas with my husband, I will be playing some Mariah Carey Christmas albums while putting up the tree and well Christmas is my favourite time of the year so that is excitement in itself!

Nervous, well because I have never really done my own tree before! When I lived at home the Christmas tree was my mums domain, sure we got to shop for decorations (home made decorations never made it on our tree) and I guess there is a little bit of fear that comes with the unknown. What if I choose the wrong colour scheme? What if Jessie (my gorgeous dog) decides to wreck the tree when she is bored? What if my husband wants a real tree when I have always had a fake one? (this actually happened, I'll recall the funny story for you in a few paragraphs) What if we get a tree that's too big? What if? What if? What if?

Okay enough of that, let me show you some of my ideas, and I promise to post a picture of my tree on Monday!

christmas tree oh christmas tree

Christmas tree in reds

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So what do you think? Help me s'il vous plait (please) !

Oh and I can't forget to share my funny anecdote! So, growing up my husband has always had a real tree whereas I have always had a fake tree - both have their pro's and con's, and both of us are very much pro our tree (i.e. Ben is pro real, and I am pro fake). Anyway so we didn't know how to fix this dilemma, we thought we could alternate the trees each year, one year real next year fake etc. but then who would go first? Plus I really don't like the idea of a real tree and additional spider visitors inside my home. So we decided to flip a coin - but then who would flip (gosh, you must think we're like children haha), so we paper, scissors, rocked it for who would flip the coin - best out of three, and I won so I got to flip the coin, and then I won that too - so we're having a fake tree this year (yay!).

Anyway, I can't wait to share December with you - it will be a month of festivity, food, gifts, outfits (what to wear to Christmas Eve/Lunch/Dinner) and celebration.

Also, I just want to thank you for reading my blog I am truly touched by your support (and to all my international readers a special thank you to you!), I hope you enjoy reading as much as I love writing!


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