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Sweet, sweet, wonderful sweets.

I am the biggest sweet tooth, okay maybe not biggest but I would eat crème brulee before I ate dinner any day. I have tried every flavour of macarons I could find (including ginger - which was surprisingly good), and if you mention the word cheesecake then there had better be a spare pastry fork for me! I'm getting off track a little bit (and don't worry I exercise regularly), but I want to know what your favourite Christmas sweets are? And do you have any special recipes that you would like to share?

Here are a few of my favourite sweets to enjoy during the Christmas season (all images link to recipes I have used and enjoyed):


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Gingerbread Houses

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Plum pudding ice-cream, with raspberries. Need a cold dessert in case the forecast is 30 degrees C (plus).

Fruit Cake

So after all that, I think it's time for some gingerbread!


Merry Christmas!

What does one wear for Christmas?