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When ART meets FASHION

So I promised you all a special treat - an interview with an amazing artist and here it is today! It is with a very talented young artist, Hannah Louise Noble (Hannah Lou). Her art is the epitome of fashion perfection with even Marc Jacobs International acknowledging her talent.

Rochelle: Hannah your work is really amazing, you’re a very talented girl! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 Hannah: My full name is Hannah Louise Noble. On most of my social media sites I'm referred to as Hannah Lou/Louise. Purely because Hannah is too boring on its own but don't tell anyone I said that.. I'm 19 (which most people are shocked by) from the South Coast of England in The New Forest which is lovely and often taken for granted.

Rochelle: How long have you been an artist for?

 Hannah: I have zero qualifications in Art, I didn't even study art. This hasn't stopped me and I've had a passion for it since I was a child, it's only in the last year that I've started making a small freelance business from it, doing commission pieces etc. I set up a Facebook page which got a lot of interest and it's only looking brighter from here.

Rochelle: Well raw talent is something that cannot be taught, what is your creative process like, or is it different each time?

 Hannah: There really is no set process, so many people ask me what inspired me to be an artist, what motivates me, and I don't even know. I love it, everybody has that something that is almost therapeutic, mine is painting. If I see something that inspires me, I paint it. I spend pretty much all of my spare time drawing. I work 40 hours a week making burritos in a Mexican Restaurant, sigh.

Rochelle: Do your family and/or friends have influence over your art or your decision to pursue art?

 Hannah: Not at all, when I was younger I didn't have so much support from people around me, I was sort of lost in what I wanted to pursue 'when I was older' and skipped college and university. But where I am now has completely made up for that and my family and friends couldn't be more supportive of what I do. It’s so rewarding doing something you love and receiving so much appreciation from complete strangers. I still don't know where life is going to take me but I've learned to just go with it.

Rochelle: Hearing you speak about art is so inspiring, so what inspires your artwork?

 Hannah: Absolutely everything. I’ll see something that really interests me or has caught my eye and I'll go home and paint it. Just the other day I saw a man drawing really beautifully on the train and I went straight home and did the same. A lot of inspiration comes from social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Most of my work is fashion based but a lot of it is super personal and completely random. People have told me they can sense certain emotions from my work which is awesome; I guess I can't see that because I'm the one painting.

Rochelle: Fashion seems to be the main focus of your work, how would you describe your personal and artistic style?

Hannah: I think my artwork seems to follow the route of fashion/beauty because it’s something that I'm interested in. I guess I almost portray what I love through my painting. I really like beautiful landscapes too and have painted a lot, travelling is something I definitely will pursue in the future and I have a huge interest in different cultures. On terms of style, I guess my work can be described as free and fluid.

Rochelle: Free and fluid, that’s a very artistic description, I love it! Do you have a favourite designer or brand?

 Hannah: I don't, which is odd because I'm always painting Marc Jacobs and Chanel products. Maybe I do and I just don't know it. I couldn't narrow it down though. I love the packaging of high end cosmetics, if its super intricate and pretty then I'll love it. I'm a high street girl, however being an artist is not the most glamorous or well paid of jobs.

Rochelle: I personally love your Marc Jacobs work he’s one of my favourite designers! So Hannah, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 Somewhere beautiful, doing what I love.

Rochelle: That sounds wonderful. What would you say is your most memorable or favourite piece?

 Hannah: My most memorable is probably the daisy panting - that has had so much recognition. But there are a lot of paintings that I've done for people that are personal and will always be memorable; once again I can't narrow it down haha!

Rochelle: Art is obviously something you very much have a gift for, when did you realise that?

 Hannah: It was my favourite subject at school, and I've loved it since I was a child. I tried to study it full time at college but I couldn't be myself and there was no opportunity to have your own style, that's a huge problem with art courses here- it's by the books, and art is not by the books, its super personal.

Rochelle: You have a beautiful understanding of art, is there a quote or saying that you live by?

 Hannah: I don't have a specific quote I live by, but recently I've realised you should never rely on someone in particular to make you happy, rather focusing on yourself, your own happiness and strength is really important. There have been a few situations I've been in lately which has motivated me to make the most of everything and everyone around me. Also, Mums and best friends are ALWAYS right - as much as I hate saying it.

Rochelle: That is very wise and true! So my final question, what would be your dream come true in the life of Hannah Louise Noble?

  Hannah: Marrying a beautiful bearded man who's covered in tattoos and loves coffee as much as I do, living somewhere exotic making a fortune out of what I love doing, and being eternally happy.

 Hannah has an amazing portfolio of work, if you would like to see more of her work, tell her she is amazing or follow what she is up to, you can contact her at:





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