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It is more blessed to G I V E than to R E C E I V E

Sometimes it's very easy to let life pass you by without stopping to enjoy the little moments it sporadically gives us.

For me these moments come in the form of making a first-time recipe come to life, eating healthy, seeing beautiful things in art and objects, smiling at a stranger who smiles back, buying a perfect cup of coffee, playing a long game of catch with my dog or taking her for a walk, planning events, going to bed before 11PM on a weeknight, getting to stay in bed while it rains outside and spending time with friends and family.

But then I also love gifts - giving gifts, receiving gifts, watching people open gifts etc. and it can be quite an expensive feat to give gifts for no reason, but one saying (and Bible verse) I like to live by is,  ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ (Acts 20:35)

So it got me thinking, what sort of things can I give that mean something to myself and to the receiver, but that may not have weigh heavily on my purse. Things like spending time with someone, baking a cake or treats, making someone a card, sending someone an encouraging text or email, dropping into a loved ones home when they are sick to give them a love parcel of chicken soup (a special thank you to my lovely sister-in-law Kasia who did this for me last week) or even just using things I am good at to bless another person.

So often it is only after we lose something or someone that we realise how precious and valuable time really is.

Take a moment to ponder on how you will bless a loved one.

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So today was a bit of an inspirational post, but it's always good to stop and be thankful in the midst of our busy schedules and lives.


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