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There's a time and place for everything...

So, this weekend I achieved quite the accomplishment and I really want to share it with you all - I hope that's okay with you! As you all would have most likely worked out by now, I love to bake, in fact it's one of the most therapeutic activities for me and I absolutely love everything about it (especially when it's a cake and I get to decorate it), and on the weekend I made my other mum and dad (my in-laws) a special cake to celebrate their 30 year wedding anniversary (which if you ask me, is quite the feat to be celebrated).

When my mother-in-law asked me to make the cake, I felt very special and wanted to make something that was extra special for them (I really love my in-laws) and I think they thought it was a pretty special cake too. So first here's the picture, then I'll tell you what cake I made and all the other nitty-gritty info...



So do you like?

It was a white chocolate mud cake and the recipe I used was the wonderful Australian Women's Weekly white chocolate mud cake recipe. It is a wonderful recipe with just the right amount of white chocolate (especially given the fact that white choc ganache is very sweet). It was a layered cake with a mix of white chocolate and milk chocolate ganache in between each layer. I made the flowers on Wednesday night, so they had time to harden and therefore became a lot easier to use to assemble them.

Before I put the fondant icing and decorated I covered the cake in white chocolate ganache, just so it had time to set before the fondant was applied, and this is what it looked like.


Then I rolled the fondant out and placed it on the cake and decorated - it sounds a lot easier than it is, if you're giving it a go I suggest watching some you-tube tutorials so you get a good idea of how it's meant to work!


All you need is L O V E !

It is more blessed to G I V E than to R E C E I V E