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Something truly special

I really enjoy doing special posts every now and again, and especially when it means I get to encourage and champion people that are doing amazing and wonderful things, so today I want to introduce you to the inspiring Cathy - a beautiful girl inside and out, who is behind the up and coming bridesmaid label Carrie & Moss.



The story behind Carrie & Moss is incredible and has a very "this is the right thing" type ring to it. A bit of background, Cathy is a very talented graphic designer and has always loved fashion, however it wasn't until she started seeing the gorgeous Olivia Palmero everywhere, that she felt the desire to create something beautiful, something that was specifically for bridesmaids - but could be worn also when the wedding was over. Having just got married last year, I can definitely say that it was quite difficult to get gorgeous dresses, custom made that wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg per dress, so this is a wonderful idea. It is also great because anyone can wear the dresses, but it's a great one-stop destination for any fashionista.

Cathy is naturally creative and when she decided to pursue the area of fashion, she saw it as another way to creatively express herself (and I'm sure you'll agree that she has quite the gift for it when you have a look at the designs. Plus she wanted to do something that was a little out of her comfort zone, but something that still incorporated her passions.

So last year Cathy wanted to pursue this area and took 3 months off her job to travel and find materials, dressmakers and design the dresses themselves, but 2 months into her quest she was still at square one and just as she was about to ask for more time off her job, in the last month everything just fell into place - it was one of those moments where it all just made sense.

So I bet you're all wanting to know about the dresses! Well, they are all made to order (I know, amazing right!), and she has standard sizes available too - and she also offers vouchers for alteration services in Melbourne - just in case you need to alter it once you've received the dress. However, the dresses can be purchased from anywhere in the world - that's the beauty of an online store! They are all aptly named after iconic female characters, like Brooke Davis, Carrie Bradshaw and Lily van der Woodsen, and are absolutely stunning. My favourite is definitely the Emily Thorne dress, because it's gorgeous but also because it is sooo versatile!

Also, there is a new collection coming out soon so for all you brides-to-be, fashionista's and bridesmaids - make sure you keep an eye on her website!

So do yourself a favour, visit www.carrieandmoss.com and make your purchase today!


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