Rochelle Currie is a Melbourne based creative with a love for travel, design and style. She is also a wife, mum to Willow and musician.

Making Moments Beautiful

I love celebrating. I love styling tables, and transforming ordinary spaces into something beautiful and completely unexpected. On Saturday we hosted a dinner party at our house and the idea was to have it outside, but given the unpredictable nature of Melbourne weather (and the fact that mosquitoes are on the prowl at night), meant that we changed plans and decided to hold the event inside.

Except, Ben and I live in a unit - a very open spaced unit, but a unit nonetheless. Our dining, living and kitchen area is all in the one space so we were going to have to do some rearranging to make the long table (the length of 2 trestle tables to be exact) fit into our cosy space. So we (by we, I really mean my husband Ben and our friend David) moved our dining table and our chaise style sofa's and ended up creating enough space (literally just enough), to fit the two trestle tables in - and once that was done it was time for me to decorate the tables (the fun part!).

Leading up to the event I was saving jars - jam jars, sauce jars, pasta jars - you name it, I was saving it and was obviously washing them and peeling off the wrappers that were on them. I also had some birdcages left over from my wedding (I had birdcages and candles as our centrepieces at our wedding), and I already had some gorgeous candelabra's and elegant Moroccan styled mirrored tea light candle holders - which you can purchase at any homewares store. That morning I also went to the supermarket and purchased a bunch of white and a bunch of pink chrysanthemums - because they are cheap and pretty. I also made cute menus (as a conversation starter because there was no menu) and purchased white napkins off eBay for a very reasonable price!

I was very precise in where things were placed, I had measured out the spaces between to ensure there was perfect symmetry (I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to event styling), and complimented the accents on the table with crisp white linen table cloths.

Now, are you ready for the visuals?

photo 2

photo 1






So what do you think? Be confident in your capabilities because trust me, you can make your next occasion special too!

By the way - it was my friend Mary-Ann's birthday yesterday, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life so happy birthday my beautiful friend! Also I must thank my friend David for taking the photos - he's good right?!


Something I don't normally do..

Something truly special