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Something I don't normally do..

I bet you're wondering what this post is about - given the title of the post, am I right? Well this post is not something I normally do, and that is post images of myself - of course my personal Facebook page and instagram account is littered with shameless (a more accurate term is actually shameful) #selfies, but I like to keep this blog about things I love and enjoy that aren't pictures of myself. But the other day a friend of mine commented on how she liked the things I wore, and asked why I didn't post images of my outfits and accessories to my blog.

My answer, was that I didn't think of myself as a "style icon", yes I love fashion, personal style and dressing up and dressing well, but I don't particularly consider myself to be a fashion blogger because I don't have all the latest threads from the runway and I don't have a dedicated photographer for my blog either, but here are some photos of my favourite looks on me - and if you enjoy them then maybe I can do a post like this every now and again - of course I'll need your feedback for that!

But remember, it's what's on the inside that counts, I would much rather have a beautifully dressed personality, honest heart and sweet spirit than a closet full of designer threads. Style is so personal so what might catch my eye may not even appear in yours, so don't ever feel uncomfortable in what your wearing, let it represent you and be proud of that.

As always, here are the visuals!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5

photo 7

photo 8

photo 10


   So what do you think? Feel free to comment below, I love hearing from you!


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