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How to make your Easter more festive!

If you haven't already worked it out then let me be clear now - I love celebrating!

Easter is a beautiful time of the year and the meaning behind the celebration is even more poignant. It's that time of year when the wait for food at the local fish and chips shop on Good Friday is super long, the time when we remember new beginnings, eat copious amounts of chocolate, and reflect on the painful death of a Saviour so real.

For me, it's a time to think about how I bring my parcel of goodness into the world and think about how I show love, hope and kindness to the people I am so privileged to meet. It's also a time to reflect on my faith and remember that there is someone out there that loves me so dearly, that He would give His life away to make sure I had the chance to freely live mine. A saviour that I will forever love.

It is because of that love, that we get to celebrate and enjoy the festivities of the Easter season. I like to adorn my Easter with 100's and 1000's, colourfully covered chocolates, family, friends and lots of food! It's a time to celebrate life and a time to celebrate hope.

So here are my visuals to help me create my wonderful Easter!

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Are you excited too for Easter? What are your traditions?


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