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Discover Your Own Backyard.

Before we get to the reason behind my title, let me first apologize for the lack of posts! I have been busy with a few exiting projects - including the creation of some recipes for me to share with you all!

So a last Saturday (if you follow me on instagram you may have noticed), I was invited to discover the city of Stonnington, a city that boasts an incredible cafe scene, designer boutiques and everything in between. I don't live in the city of Stonnington, however I frequent it often because of the amazing things it has to offer - especially in the areas of cafe's and fashion. Some of my favourite places to have breakfast and coffee are situated within the city of Stonnington, and if you're a lover of Chapel St like myself, you would know that too sits cosily here too.

And yet, there was so much of the city, that I hadn't discovered yet. I want to share some of my favourite new places with you, so if you're ever contemplating on something to do, you can visit these places and soak in the wonderful-ness the city of Stonnington has to offer you.

1. Parlour Diner: 64 Chapel Street Windsor, the burgers here are a treat, and make sure you ask for a bowl of curly fries because they are delicious.

photo 1

2. The Red Balloon Candy Artisans: Shop 5, 3 King St Prahran - this place is any child's (or inner-child) dream come true. The walls are covered in many candy treats and we had a live demonstration (see picture below, it is definitely an art!). These candies are truly special and I'll be doing a featured post about them another time!

photo 2


3. Cylk: 497 Chapel Street, South Yarra. Now I have just posted a picture of the beautiful air plant display they have at their flagship store, however their collections are stunning! Their clothes are a treat for the eyes and your body - they are, in my opinion, flattering, feminine and fresh. Plus you can purchase online (hoo-ray!), so do yourself a favour and jump online or into their store (maybe just walk in if your visiting in person), and buy yourself a treat you wont regret. Trust me - their clothes are nothing short of perfection and they are an Aussie brand, so support them!

photo 4

4. Market Lane Coffee: Shop 13 Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road Prahran. Want to know something cool about this place? They are coffee specialists, meaning they do it well, meaning you will always get a perfect cup of coffee, meaning that they only do coffee. I love their philosophy, they wanted to do coffee with excellence so they focused all their energy and resources into making sure each customer left with the perfect cup of coffe, every time. Although the cafe experience is different to your "normal" cafe experience (i.e. they don't do food, tea or hot chocolates - just coffee and the exception of a few baked treats), it is one you must experience if you love coffee.

photo 5

So my little experience got me thinking about the gems hidden in my backyard - and maybe you could tell me about some of the gems hidden in yours!


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