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It's time to celebrate...again!

Guess what!

It's my birthday this month, well next Tuesday to be exact and as usual I am very excited!

Party Hat

Birthday's have always been an exciting time of the year for me, I anticipate the 23rd of every month to count down the months til my birthday; 10, 9, 8, 7 months to go I incessantly remind my loved ones - and sometimes even on their own birthdays. I'm kidding, I totally don't do that...I think. If you follow my blog, you will know that I will take any reason to celebrate and make a party out of it, and as such have had a birthday party every single year, except for the years I couldn't organise (i.e. age 6 and below), even at the young age of 7 I would start planning my birthdays - even convincing my parents to hire a function room at the local hotel to celebrate my 11th birthday. Crazy right? Well not to me.

As years have gone by, this has been a tradition I have continued, and as the number of my age gets higher, I get constant questions as to why I continue to celebrate my birthday.

"But parties are so expensive and time consuming to organise," friend #1 would say.

"You're not seriously having a party for your 22nd birthday Rochelle, it's not an even age worth celebrating," friend #2 would complain.

"A party, again?," friend #3, #4, #5 and #6 would whine.

 I get that constant birthday celebrations are not for everyone, but for me I always feel so blessed to have made it another year, that I can't help but celebrate my new age. With it always comes a new sense of identity, a renewed understanding of where I want to be in the year to come and of course PRESENTS! For those of you who know me, know that I loveeeeeeeeeee presents, it's one of my love languages.

So in one week (July 23rd), I will be celebrating another year in my twenties. Another year that I have been blessed to spend time with loved ones, a year where I have enjoyed a job promotion, a year where I have moved homes, a year where I have laughed a lot and cried a little, a year where I have curbed my shopping addiction a little bit, a year where I have said I would get fit and actually did it, a year where I have realised how important family is and I look forward to a year of doing it all again.

So given that this post is really about all things birthday party related, here is my top 7 things to do if you are planning a birthday party!

1. Pick a date and time

A morning tea, luncheon, dinner or cocktail party are all very different events so pick something you (or the guest of honour) will love and make it amazing. Whatever you do, don't pick a morning tea and make it a luncheon-equivalent event, there is nothing more irritating than a morning tea that starts at 12pm and finishes at 2pm - in my books, that is lunch time!

2. Decide if you want a theme and then make it happen

Alice in Wonderland is a great theme for tea party's, the roaring 20's is perfect for a cocktail party and a colour theme always compliments a lunch or dinner event well. Also, don't get confused by the term "theme" and think that you have to coerce your guests into dressing up a certain way. If you choose to have a pretty pastel theme to decorate your party, let your event space do all the wowing and allow your guests to enjoy the well thought out and well matched theme. Of course if you are choosing to do a superhero theme, costumes are a must.


3. Plan ahead!

It's never too early to plan your celebration, and the great thing about planning ahead is that you'll be able to collect items for your party well in advance and do it all in small parts so it's not a big expense in one hit!

4. Food

There must be food, I'm not even going to elaborate on this one.

5. Cakes and sweet treats

As above.


6. Decide how you want the time spent at your party

This one sounds a bit odd, but knowing how you want yourself and your guests to enjoy you party is crucial to having a memorable event. If you want there to be dancing, then make a playlist, find a dancefloor space in your room and make it happen. If you want there to be a special cutting the cake moment, decide what time you want to do this at and allow time for it to happen. If there is a prize for best dressed, then set a time aside to when this will be awarded - it's rude to tell people to dress up for a prize and then not award one! This rule also applies to how you want to spend time with the people at your party - being the guest of honour often means that the time just flies and before you know it the party is over and you have had a deep and meaningful with one person the whole time - don't ever do this! Your party is not the time or place to have that long awaited catch up with your long lost childhood friend, people have come to see and celebrate you, so make sure you prioritise your time and say hello to everyone there!


7. Have fun!

What's a party without a bit of fun! Dance, sing, laugh and make new memories.


So what party am I having this year? A high tea party and I am so excited, pictures will come I promise! 


Don't forget to stop.

A celebration and a sorry!