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It's 12am in LA

It's 12am in LA


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We made it to LA!

Although we've spent most of our day resting and trying to beat the horrible feeling of jet-lag, I am so excited to be here! The city of West Hollywood is incredible, and looks exactly like what you would have seen in movies and pictures. I can't wait to explore more of beautiful California in the coming days, especially Malibu, San Francisco and of course the Hollywood Hills.

We were extremely blessed to have had a really smooth and wonderful flight here with Qantas on one of their A380 aircrafts. Let me begin by saying their on board service is incredible, it was my first time flying international with Qantas and dare I say we'll never fly with anyone else. We were even more blessed to experience the First Class Lounge in Melbourne.

For those of you who have been debating about which frequent flyer program to go with, allow me to make your mind up about it; go with Qantas! The lounge is available for selected customers (see here for more details) and really showcases Qantas as a leading service provider.

Tomorrow we will be exploring the rest of the city and on Tuesday and Wednesday (we're a day behind Australia) we will be going to DISNEYLAND! So much excitement, I will no doubt have many pictures to share with you in a few days time.

Please feel free to share any travel tips you have, for now enjoy the images so far.










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