Rochelle Currie is a Melbourne based creative with a love for travel, design and style. She is also a wife, mum to Willow and musician.

Colour lovin'

Colour lovin'


So, I'm a big fan of a navy, grey and black wardrobe - and leopard print of course, but lately I'm loving a little bit of colour - maybe it's because the Melbourne sun has just decided to show itself. Colours have this amazing ability to brighten your mood, or dampen it - not just in a wardrobe sense however, but even in your home.

Adding a colourful print to your wall, opting for the pink hydrangea at the florist or adding a bright throw to you couch can add a big difference in a small way.

Go on, give it a go - start with flowers to see what colours bring out the best in you, and then start decorating from there! Here is some inspo to get you started!


Pink Florals


Colourful Study

Colourful Art

Beautiful Flowers

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Interview with Katie McKinnon

Interview with Katie McKinnon

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!