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A moment with Rebecca Judd

A moment with Rebecca Judd


Gelato and Rebecca_Rebecca Judd pictured with her design, Gelato.

Following on from my interview with Katie McKinnon, this week I got to chat with Rebecca Judd about her beautiful collaboration with The Rug Collection for their Art Series.

Hi Bec - firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me about your beautiful collaboration with The Rug Collection – I know you are one super busy woman (with two of the most gorgeous little ones!), so thank you for your time! My pleasure!

I am such a big fan of your blog and your knack for interior design and would love to know, what inspires your styling? Do you start with one statement piece or a colour, or even a vision for an entire space, or something completely different? It really depends on each situation, but generally speaking I have a vision for an entire space. I start with ideas for my colour scheme and then go from there.

Of course, this can sometimes change as I fall in love with different statement pieces along the way, and alter my ideas and concepts based on the piece.

I see interior styling as a great creative outlet, one that reflects my own personal style, while remaining functional. Functionality is an important consideration, especially with a young family using the space.

The rugs you created for the Art Series Rug Collection are absolutely stunning, and I feel they evoke a sense of peace and happiness. I would love to know, where did the inspiration come from for these pieces? I wanted my designs to be focused on texture. I love how texture can create a warm and cosy atmosphere in an interior.

So you've created two stunning pieces for the collection – Gelato and Deep Sea, which I feel are both stunning, how did the creative process begin for these pieces? I knew that I wanted the rugs to be versatile, and I asked myself what I look for in a rug. For me, texture is very important and I love the chunky wool that was used in the rugs, as it creates warmth and atmosphere to a room.

The pastel colour scheme of Gelato, incorporates this year’s hottest hues (pastels are everywhere this season, including fashion and interiors) so this was an important element for my design!

Rebecca Judd - Deep Sea (with Bec) 02_ Rebecca Judd pictured with her design, Deep Sea.

I have to say, I love the chunky wool factor in your rugs! Do you have any advice for people wanting to add artwork (either in the form of a rug or something for their wall) into their space, but not sure how to go about doing so? Find a piece that you love and go from there. Ask yourself if it will work with your existing pieces, or if you plan on giving the entire space a makeover, based on this investment piece.

Artwork and rugs are both wonderful ways to transform an entire room, with just one piece, and I am so happy to have been involved in designing Art Series, where artwork is taken from the wall and showcased in an entirely new and unique way. Plus, they feel great underfoot!

I would love to know what was your favourite thing about seeing these pieces come to life? I for one would love Deep Sea in my living room – those blue hues are incredibly striking! Thank you! I had a ball creating them and seeing my designs turn into reality- it has been such a thrill. Deep Sea will add such a great pop of colour to a space and is very versatile.

I am especially proud to have worked alongside some incredibly talented artists and designers including Home-Work, Beastman, Katie McKinnon and Pony Rider.

Interiors are so personal and I can’t wait to see the different ways that people style Gelato and Deep Sea in their homes.

Thanks so much for your time Bec, looking forward to speaking to you again soon! Thank you Rochelle, lovely to chat to you as well!

Art Series will be available for purchase online from shop.therugcollection.com.au For more information on Art Series contact The Rug Collection on (03) 9421 5133.

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